OctaFX is a technology-based brokerage company and Forex broker that operates since 2011 and offers an industry-leading platform Metatrader4 and MetaTrader5 with numerous investment opportunities and great capabilities.

Under its European CySEC license broker operates also a global offering from international entity, therefore we advise to check on carefully under which regulation you will fall as it may propose different trading conditions.

What Type of Broker is OctaFX?
OctaFX is an STP Forex Broker also runs high standards of secure trading environment, as of the regulation it imposes. The offering to the clients is wide and even comprehensive since proposes the same if not more investment opportunities to the world trading community.

2 Replies to “OctaFX Review”

  1. Beware of scams and scams that you may encounter with this company. Here, methods of deception and technical failures are actively used, created specifically for the implementation of illegal operations. You should not expect help from the support service – it practically does not work. There are constant problems with the terminal and there are no reliable tools for the job. The company itself is one big scam and I had to lose $2,000 here, ending up in a massive debt hole.
    Don’t count on anyone when it comes to this company. They distort information to lure you into a trap, and actively use technical methods to carry out their dishonest operations. Instead of providing reliable support, the support service is non-existent or provides incomplete and insufficient answers. Constant problems with the functioning of the terminal complete the picture, and the lack of appropriate tools only exacerbates the situation. As a result, I lost a huge amount of money – $2,000 – entangled in deep financial debt.
    Be careful not to fall for the tricks of this company. They are able to use various tricks and technical failures to carry out their illegal operations. And do not count on help from the support service – they are either completely absent or provide extremely insufficient assistance. Terminal problems are the constant norm, and incomplete tools make the job even more difficult. I have personally experienced a huge financial loss of $2,000 and am now in a deep debt crisis.

  2. This brokerage company is an absolute disgust. Their inaction and indifference to customers means only one thing – they see us only as a source of their enrichment. Complete lack of ethics and scrupulousness, only pure greed!

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