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Guard Capital invests in fast-growing Russian Internet companies that are in the process of expanding their business. At the same time, the main direction of the company is investing in projects in the telecom and Internet segment with an investment volume of 1 to 5 million dollars and a payback period of not more than 5 years. Guard Capital’s primary goal is to deliver superior results by leveraging the wealth of intellectual capital, entrepreneurial experience and expertise provided by each portfolio company. The fund’s team has many years of experience in investing and managing Russian and international companies. It is the combination of rich experience in corporate finance with a focus on the Internet industry that makes the fund unique.

3 Replies to “Guard Capital  Review”

  1. One of the MOST creepy brokers on earth. Basically, you can never win. Regardless of your experience and knowledge. They play against you, manipulate the schedule, it’s like a trap. Do not trade with them!

  2. This project caught my eye by accident. Judging by the site, the reliability of this hype is close to zero. It is definitely not worth investing in Guard Capital without conditions, tariffs, guarantees in the form of legal documents and permission for this type of activity. The vagueness of the investment proposal is also embarrassing. There is no information about specific companies and businesses where the organizers of this platform offer to invest. My verdict of Guard Capital is not worth the attention and money, since the project did not even bother to provide the terms of cooperation. On a one-page site, there is nothing more than water and email. Looks like a scam.

  3. Fraudsters pay nothing. They hide behind the supposedly profitable investment in the Internet business, in fact, they are engaged in a money scam. Money invested in Guard Capital is money thrown to the wind. On the site https guard-capital ru everything is painted very beautifully and promisingly. But really the project is not working. Contact is not recommended!

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