Eightcap is an Australian incorporated brokerage company, Forex and CFD Broker which brings a transparent pricing model since 2009 through low rates of variable spreads with quotes that are coming from numerous leading banks or institutions and performed via technological solutions through Equinix servers.

Where is EightCap based?

Eightcap performs a global operation through their reputable Australian HQ and other international office based in the Bahamas.  Eightcap maintains a home for MT4 and MT5 traders and aims to provide them with a personalized trading experience. This broker gives access to the most popular financial instruments, all with rapid execution and low spreads, via the award-winning MetaTrader platforms.

Apart from offering to retail clients, this broker also brings technological advantages and partnership opportunities to affiliates, IBs and influencers.

2 Replies to “Eightcap Review”

  1. I will be completely disgraced that I was seduced by such an unreliable kitchen !! There was no instant realization that this company was operating with a single purpose. After my registration, I was immediately pushed by the manager and asked to install a program to track my progress. However, I was so naive and soon everything went even worse than expected. They froze my funds and ignored my appeals. As a result, my deposit of $3,000 was completely withdrawn and blocked. Here is a story about real malicious scammers !!!

  2. This irresponsible brokerage company needs to be held accountable immediately! They play with our money without providing the proper technology and resources to protect our interests. We need a fair and reliable investment environment!

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