Phone: +442475209810

Address: First floor, 47/48 Piccadilly, London, United Kingdom

Email: [email protected]

About company:

CED Capital Ltd is an international brokerage with offices in Europe and CIS countries. Working with our company brings successful trading experience, you will create your personal portfolio, find the assets which match your trading style best and gain the new knowledge. It takes just a couple of clicks to open a position. Besides that you will have the full set of instruments and metrics needed to master trading on Forex.

3 Replies to “CED Capital Limited Review”

  1. \Here technical support at least sometimes works??? Four letters flew into the dumplings along the way, no answer, no hello! And the terminal both hangs and continues. Shame and not the stock exchange!

  2. CED Capital Lim. scammer who does not withdraw. Before applying for a withdrawal, everything seemed normal. I deposited decent money into this office – $ 1,000. But when I tried to withdraw money, nothing happened. I submit an application, click continue, and then nothing is confirmed, the system simply redirects to the previous page. In general, the conclusion does not work here. Support writes about a system error and this has been going on for more than a week. Scammers, normal brokers do not do this. Dealing with this sharaga is dangerous.

  3. Blocked access to personal account. Just when I ordered money for withdrawal. Before that, verification was requested in accordance with the regulations. Sent copies of documents. They wrote that the application is under consideration and it may take some time. Then the connection with the broker simply disappeared, and a few days later they blocked the entrance to the account altogether and stopped communicating. Both the profit and the entire deposit remained on the account. The conclusion suggests itself. CED Capital is a scammer!

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