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We sincerely believe in the continuous improvement of the quality of trading.
We have created a proven trading platform with an excellent platform and conditions in which investors can hone their trading skills and become even more successful.
Human approach
We have removed the boundaries between institutional and private investors, making the trading process more enjoyable for everyone and providing all clients with a high standard of quality.
Education and analytics
Our top priority is to enable our clients to make more informed trading decisions based on numerous educational materials and market analysis tools.
Full transparency
Access the world’s most popular financial instruments, from currencies and stocks to indices and commodities, with the most honest pricing and execution.
Customer interests always come first
Whatever problem you have, our multilingual customer service will be happy to help you. You can contact us by phone, email or chat during market hours.


  1. Everything is much worse. The brokerage company did not impress me at all. I was hoping to see first-class service, those favorable conditions that are repeatedly described on the official website, and so on. But what is the end result? Nothing good. Stupid and inadequate managers, large spreads, poor performance of the trading platform, and so on. Everything that I thought here as an advantage, in fact, turned out to be a strong disadvantage.

  2. The crooks immediately throw off any responsibility. some huge +50% spike on a currency pair? the broker is not to blame, the client is to blame if he suddenly loses money. for some reason, the loss turned out to be more than the client thought and showed a stop loss – these are also the problems of the trader. quotes are wrong? Again, the client is at fault. When you open an account, you tick the box agreeing to the user agreement, and that’s where all the problems come from for people trading in frank garbage dumps like this

  3. Dangerous. As long as the money is not on your wallet/card, it is not your money. So don’t assume that if Cauvo Capital broker hasn’t scammed you yet, then he won’t scam you in the future.
    It’s still a crook. Experienced salespeople-manipulators work here, who easily speak their teeth and pour water, if only a person would leave money on the balance sheet, and even throw more money. But you should understand that as soon as you sent the money, even if it was supposedly to your brokerage account, this money passed into the possession of these bad people.

  4. The manager forcibly campaigned for me to open a brokerage account here. I’m glad I didn’t listen to his persuasion. And I realized this when after some time I talked in a trader’s tea with another girl who invested her money here, but could not return it. After some time, the manager of this company called me again, offered to trade again, I just sent him obscenity)) and voila, it worked, they don’t call anymore)) Keep the method to get rid of these spammers))

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