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Bitget is the leader in the world of crypto derivatives. The world’s leading exchange was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Singapore. The top crypto exchange trades futures contracts and spot instruments. The number of registered users worldwide is more than 1.5 million, Bitget is in the TOP-5 crypto exchanges in terms of contract trading volume per day. The $10 million Series B financing project closed by the company in mid-2020 is now valued at $1 billion. The deal was led by one of the leaders in the gaming market, SNK, with the participation of co-investor Anlan Capital. Each member of the Bitget team is a professional who does not need to explain the basics and learn how to trade bitcoins on the exchange. All employees have the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of financial investment, international cryptography, social networks and electronic games, and other areas. Bitget has a listing on SMS, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
The largest crypto exchange with Copytrading

4 Replies to “BITGET REVIEW”

  1. I didn’t like bitget in many ways
    Overloaded interface, eyes run wide, the application hangs every now and then. It is difficult to understand the work, there is no clear instructions. Given that this is a popular exchange, they could lure clients with some kind of minimal master class, because beginners will definitely not figure it out here. It’s not my first day in copy trading and I couldn’t become a confident bitget user.

  2. I did not find anything good in it, except disappointment. Wasted time and energy. It all started with attempts to transfer the currency to your wallet. The money didn’t come. Not there and not here. Waited a few days – silence. I think that the whole problem is in the bitget, because I transferred the crypt to my wallet from different sites and there were no problems. Of course, I have not yet had time to properly understand this service, but I know the basic rules. I hope that my money will be returned to me.

  3. I did not have time to evaluate the functionality of the exchange, because the application simply did not work. I rebooted and reinstalled, to no avail. Here you have a vaunted exchange with tempting offers. Developers could be more responsible for such moments. After several attempts, I lost all desire to try further. I will work at the stock exchange familiar to me and I will only recommend it. And the developers should feel sorry for every departed client, this is their income.

  4. Unfortunately, it’s a complete scam. Exchanges are no exception. You sincerely believe in the best, you invest money, but as a result you lose everything. Why do they treat people who invest their last money so badly.

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