DeFi platform BaksDAO, which opens access to decentralized lending for cryptocurrency owners. BaksDAO is a project on the decentralized finance market. BaksDAO offers users to take crypto assets in stablecoins as collateral. The BaksDAO team has been working since 2018.

+7 (499) 288-80-21
Leninsky Ave., 109, Moscow, Russia, 119421

2 Replies to “BaksDAO Currency Exchanger Reviews”

  1. This exchange is a complete disaster. I had a terrible experience with their high fees and unfavorable exchange rates, which resulted in significant financial losses. Their customer service is virtually non-existent, and I couldn’t get any assistance with my withdrawal issues. I strongly advise against using this platform.

  2. My experience with this crypto exchange has been incredibly frustrating. The technical problems are persistent, and I’ve lost money due to the platform crashing during critical trades. Their lack of transparency regarding operations and security concerns make it a risky choice for anyone.

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