AWEX is a modern cryptocurrency exchange providing services for buying, selling and exchanging digital assets for clients from all over the world.

The exchange has customer service offices in Moscow and Dubai.

+7 (917) 604-01-36
Moscow City, Presnenskaya Embankment, 12 (Federation Tower) Moscow, Russia

2 Replies to “AWEX Currency Exchanger Reviews”

  1. I can’t emphasize enough how terrible this exchange is. I had a nightmarish experience with their margin trading, which turned out to be a guaranteed way to lose your investments. The laughably low withdrawal limits make it frustrating to access your funds when you need them. The never-ending verification process, coupled with their unreasonable demands for personal information, is a significant invasion of privacy. The support team is unhelpful, and their rude responses only add to the frustration of dealing with this platform. It’s a choice I deeply regret, and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

  2. Be cautious when using this exchange for withdrawals. The process is painfully slow, and you’ll find yourself waiting for an extended period before your funds are available. On top of that, their hidden fees and unfavorable exchange rates are clearly designed to maximize their profits at your expense. This exchange exhibits the characteristics of a scam, with numerous reports of missing funds and unexplained losses. Exercise extreme caution and avoid it at all costs.

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