PHONE: +49-162-7173702

ADDRESS: Dorfstr. 3 , 16356 Ahrensfelde bei Berlin, Germany

EMAIL: [email protected]

About company:

Information about Autobidde

The company Autobidde is the leader in the European market in the field of multi-brand car trading

Autobidde is a modern brand specializing in the selection and purchase of cars from closed and public car auctions and the company has been one of the leading car sellers in Europe for 4 years. We sell up to 500 vehicles per week with worldwide delivery. Our team is involved in the selection and purchase of passenger cars as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles, motorcycles and airplanes. Our collection includes more than 1500 units of actual pieces on sale and is updated daily. All cars are provided for auctions by well-known manufacturers, their representative offices, banks, leasing and rental companies, parking lots.
During its active history, Autobidde has purchased and delivered more than 45,000 vehicles worldwide. More than 30% of buyers become regular customers, which reflects the quality of our work and exclusive prices for all popular car brands.
Buying a car takes from 3 to 5 days. Thanks to our delivery service, the purchased car will be transported on a special transport truck the next day.


  1. I recently moved to this site, I used to work in another office and, I must say, I don’t regret my transition. the conditions here are much more pleasant, and there are practically no commissions. the terminal is stable, never raised doubts. payments come quickly, so you can work, I personally did not notice any minuses.

  2. My friend tried to dissuade me, but I stood my ground. registered, transferred the last money, hoping for at least some profit. I am a single mother, extra finances never hurt. and these freaks scammed me, took away the entire deposit and blocked access (what to do now?

  3. I registered a couple of weeks ago, worked a little, got a plus of $200. I decided to withdraw to check the solvency of the intermediary, but no one considered the application. Then I read reviews about the office, it turned out that many have such a problem. Although verification on Apafxtrade passed without any issues. So what could be the problem? .. I would like to get real profit, and not a meaningless trading simulation

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