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Fuel your portfolio with crypto: fast, friendly, fair.

Place your order in 2 minutes

Easily pick the crypto you want, confirm the purchase and get started even without a wallet.

Get 24/7 support

Indacoin provides user-friendly experience and 24/7 tech-support in case of emergency.

Secure fees-upfront approach

Fees are included from the start, so we don’t charge anything extra, and prevent fraud to make crypto safer.

4 Replies to “INDACOIN REVIEW”

  1. Unable to withdraw funds. In March and April, the money was debited from the account. , and then it was written that the withdrawal of funds was canceled. The money was not returned to the account.

  2. In March and April I wanted to withdraw money. The money was debited from the account, and then the answer was CANCEL. THE MONEY WAS NOT RETURNED TO THE ACCOUNT. Today I tried to withdraw the funds again. The amount was not specified, there was not even a line where it was necessary to enter the amount. And immediately the answer is EXCEEDED LIMIT.

  3. Couldn’t transfer coins, and when they needed to be returned, I got some “story” that they had “IT” problems, don’t use them.

  4. In addition, many users are unhappy that the company is requesting a selfie with a passport. Indeed, giving such data about yourself is risky, because it is not known how the personal data of platform users will be stored and used.

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